CUC107 Northern Perspectives is a foundational undergraduate unit at Charles Darwin University purposed to deliver course outcomes of knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and historical roots of the Northern Territory of Australia.  As lead designer, I optimized this earlier version of Blackboard through the use of Learning Units, packaged HTML pages and CSS and JavaScript navigation.

You may read how my contribution was acknowledged by the Common Units Coordinator, Nicola Pritchard .  Also included are the student evaluations from the ongoing delivery of Northern Perspectives: ProjectWorkNorthernExposures

A key strategy I employ to drive and support technology integration is to provide examples first and then support others to follow, on the logic that ‘If I can do it, you can do it too, (if you like it)’.  As an example, this clip is one of the support resources I developed during the development of CUC107 and later made available to all teaching staff using the LMS at the University. I was quite flattered about a year later when I noticed that had appropriated my label of ‘QuickSupport’ when they established their own videoclip support library.