My experiences in educational technology and curriculum development span 20 years. This portfolio complements my curriculum vitae (CV) by allowing you to review the kinds of products and outcomes to which I’ve made significant contributions as an instructor, coach and designer during those years.  Portfolio Entries can be browsed chronologically via the menu at top of this page according to the years when the work was emerging.  This is by no means my complete body of work, but the drier more academic stuff I have done can be found in the appropriate repositories as listed on my CV  [or see my profile page on Google Scholar].

Through this portfolio I hope to convince you that I am not just another old academic.  Rather, I hope the sample of artifacts in this site and accompanying narrative help you to see me as someone who is not only theoretical and concerned with the big picture, but also as a team member and leader who can get hands on with the tools and processes.  It should paint you a picture of one who seeks out opportunities to work in real time with others who are passionate about creating and sustaining our learning communities.